Sell a Business


Learn how to maximize the 8 Value Drivers

Work one-on-one with certified advisor for 12 months

Develop a plan to exit in 3 to 5 years

Your past is a buyer’s future.

Your company’s past earnings reveal to buyers what they can expect to gain from purchasing your business. The Value Builder System maximizes the 8 drivers of business value.

By meeting with business broker George Rosen once a month for 12 months, you’ll be positioned to improve these value drivers continuously.

You scored a 59%.
Now what?

Your Value Builder Score won’t get you on the honor roll. Yet! Your score reveals all the areas for improvement. It shows potential.

From now on, every decision increases your company’s value. Voila! Your score, like the value of your business, will continue to rise.

These are the 8 Factors that drive the value of your business.

Financial Performance

How strong is your past revenue and profit? Is your record-keeping professional?

Growth Potential

What is the likelihood your business will grow at a profitable rate?

Switzerland Structure

Are you dependent on any one client, supplier or employee?

Valuation Teeter-Totter

Is your business a cash suck or a cash spigot?

Recurring Revenue

What is the proportion and quality of your monthly automatic, annuity-based revenue?

Monopoly Control

Is your business differentiated from your competitors?

Customer Satisfaction

Will your customers buy again and refer you?

Hub and Spoke

What happens if you can’t work for an extended period?

Grow with Contango Investments and avoid:

  • ZLeaving revenue on the table.
  • ZViewing your business from a limited perspective.
  • ZBeing overburdened and overworked.
  • ZMaking costly mistakes.
  • ZRegretting your sale price.

Experience an ROI with Contango Investments

We know you’ve invested your money, dreams, and time into your business. You want your hard work to pay off. We listen to you and use your unique Value Builder Score to develop the best strategies for you. Exit planning with your advisor leads to an ROI you’ll enjoy now and in the future.